6th October 2012

With Alex. Descended into Hallowe’en Rift through a halo of flies – there are a lot of mossies in the entrance passage! Very active drips in the cave making it rather wet along the passages after some recent heavy rain. Continued to clear spoil from the dumping spot in Witches Cauldron (WC) I was filling the skips while Alex did the hauling and emptying. While the skips were being emptied I went along to the end of Toil and Trouble (left passage) and dragged back a couple of skip loads of rocks and played football with a larger rock kicking it all the way back to WC. As skips were pulled back to WC they were preceded by a wave of slurry that ran down into the pot and usually down my sleeve and splashing into my face. With the spoil removed from WC back to the bottom of the entrance shaft ready for hauling up to the surface at a later date, we emerged from the cave wet and muddy, ready for refreshments at the Hunter’s.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist