24th September

I had an appointment at Bath Racecourse, where there is a vaccination centre, for another (4th) covid jab. Hence, I was unavailable for digging but the rest of the team kept up with the task:

Report by Jon:

“Three diggers (Jake, Tav and Jon) arrived at the farm at the appointed hour. Jake remembered the key.

With only a small team, the ‘20 bags per person’ rule was enforced. Those who had missed the previous session were promoted to the front line. The plan was then for Jon to shuttle the bags of spoil from the dig face and stack them in the pot. Hauling would then proceed in two stages.

The cavalry arrived in the form of Mike, who had performed the same role the previous week, stacking at the bottom of the entrance. Mike was promoted forward a position; Jon worked on the ledge and stacked at the junction. Hauling out was then accomplished in a single stage.

The ‘20 bags per person’ rule was retained. The small team worked quietly and efficiently. It was quiet; something was missing.

Eight packs of bags were used; none were over-filled. Given the dry and dusty nature of the spoil, the bags were readily hauled to the surface. Departing a little earlier than planned, the team discussed whether ‘20 bags per person’ might be refined. They then retired to a local hostelry for light refreshment.”