1st October

With Mike, Jon, Jake

Mike was at the forefront digging “Underneath the Pissing Tree” (a term coined following an observation made by Jake last weekend regarding the above-ground location of the dig-face) at the current end of the north-east passage leading off the pot in the deep Soft South. Jon was behind Mike making the passage suitable for a future skip-run. I was shuttling the filled bags back along the passage to the pot and hauling them up onto the ledge, where Jake was unloading the bucket and dragging the filled bags along to the entrance approach.

Following comments made after last week’s session regarding the efficiency of the 20-bag/person quota, we had decided to adopt a time-based approach to the digging activities this weekend. Therefore, at noon digging was ceased and the clear-out of accumulated spoil commenced. At the end of the session, a total of 95-bags had been filled, hauled, and emptied. This might suggest that a time-based approach is more productive, however, further trials of this strategy are required. It should be noted this method, should it be adopted, requires that someone has a watch.

We retired to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshments and further deliberation.