29th April

With Nick, Jake, and Tav

A reduced team for this session and a strict time restraint as one of the team, under instruction, had to go and collect some rescue chickens.

Down in the deep Soft South, Nick was upfront digging, filling bags and smashing rocks, Jake was clearing away the bags and debris, I was shuttling to and fro along the NE passage to the pot and hauling the spoil up to Tav on the ledge. Tav was last in line and with limited space dragged the spoil along towards the entrance or, at least, as far as he could. The pulley at the top of the pot was mired in mud making hauling much harder and the bucket, when emptied, did not return easily or freely (the pulley will need swapping next session so will bring spanner and clean pulley).

As instructed, digging was curtailed slightly earlier than usual, and the spoil removed from the cave. At the end of the session about 50-bags had been hauled away and emptied onto the spoil heap. The claggy contents were not always forthcoming which caused feint grumblings among the team.

To compensate the effort we sought refreshment at a local hostelry.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist