14th December 2019

Vince, Jon, Tav, Brockers and Jake.

The IRS had been effective and there was some loose debris to clear. It got a bit slower after the initial clearance as we got to work with hammer, chisel and bar. Unfortunately, progress forward is still impeded along the constricted rift although there is now a better ‘face’ to work with. An improved view is now possible, it is obvious that we need to get a bit lower and work along the intersection of the rift and bedding. There is quite a lot of work to be done before the Cold Gnarly North reveals it’s hidden secrets.

When the digging was done and clearing the spoil was the next task a few quick snaps were taken. Tried illuminating some calcite features with UV 365nm light with interesting results. Not easily captured when in a bit of a rush, should of done the solo trip I had planned last Thursday evening.


Back to rejoin the team and clear the spoil from the morning’s session out to the surface. A total of 41 loads; 33 filled bags emptied and 8 skip loads of rock for the wall.

The lake had been full of water today after the heavy and persistent rain of the last week, all of us were wet, Tav had volunteered for aqueous duties was especially so. The chill wind blowing across the field on the way back to the farm was not very welcoming. Good job there was a roaring fire at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn!