3rd December

With Brockers and Jake

A bit thin on the ground today but I am sure we will manage to get plenty done.

Brockers and Jake headed to the Soft South to start digging, I went in another direction making my way towards Trick or Treat. Decided against going through Toil and Trouble so off to the Tuck Shop and Another Emotional Journey before turning into the passage to my destination. There was the anticipated pool of water in the lower section ,and I hesitated thinking to myself “do you really want to do this?” I slipped into the pool becoming immersed in the cold water. On the other side I spent some time digging a channel to drain the water away. I could hear the muffled sound of hammering in the distance, all I had to do now was locate the most likely spot. Squeezed over the stal boss into the more open space beyond. The ‘sound of digging’ was not coming from the uppermost part of Trick or Treat but from the lowest point – a low roofed, partially sediment filled ‘chamber’ accessed by a snug wriggle. In the ‘chamber’ a garbled voice connection was possible, but the sound ‘muffled’ by an undetermined thickness of sediment. Satisfied with the result I made my way back to join Brockers and Jake digging in the Soft South.

The three of us continued digging for a while moving the filled bags along to the pot. The rocks had been used to backfill a narrow trench in the floor to make the movement of spoil less hazardous, now it is getting wet the passage is slippery. Soon it was time to clear the filled bags out of the cave and the contents emptied onto the spoil heap, this was not going to be such an easy task now the sediment has a higher moisture content. I must admit I was starting to feel quite chilled following my earlier soaking.

Me and Brockers made a brief visit to the Hunter’s for some refreshments before going our respective ways.

Annotated survey 3rd December 2022

There are a couple of notes of interest (to me, anyway):

  1. The drained water from the pool in Trick or Treat ran freely into a small opening at the end of the small rift, there was not any backing-up. The question posed, is there an open space beyond?
  2. The area around An Unexpected Development is mostly devoid of the fine sediment that covers/fills the rest of the cave to the southwest. Does this indicate there is potential for open passage(s) to the northeast? This is further into the hillside and possibly away from the source of sediment originating from the ground above.