17th December

Unfortunately, currently wounded in action. Thought it wise not to attend today as I was sure to do something to further impede the healing process. However, a team of stalwarts comprising; Brockers, Nick, Jon, Tav, and Mike kept up the good work.

Report by Jon:

“The team having been depleted due to a recent injury at the front line, five diggers (Mike, Tav, Jon, Nick and Paul) arrived at the appointed hour. Despite his protestations, Jon was again appointed the responsible key-holder for the day. At the dig, Mike worked at the sharp end, supported by Nick. Although suffering the after effects of brutal flu and Covid jabs, Paul carried bags of spoil back to the pot and hauled them up to Jon; Tav stacked in the entrance.

Ever considerate of the safety of his fellow diggers, Paul brought along a new digging tool, expertly crafted from a scaffold bar. In the shape of a multi-pointed stick, its stated use was to loosen mud and boulders from a safe distance. To others in the Team, it resembled a stand-off weapon.

The infill at the dig face can no longer be described as dry and dusty. Having been bagged, hauled, stacked and hauled again, it is now becoming somewhat sticky. The haul just behind the dig face is reportedly very difficult and bag emptying is no longer a trivial task. This caused much discussion concerning the size of some of the bags.

Digging effort focused on removing earth rather than loose overhead boulders. Paul’s weapon was put to good use as a makeshift scaffold bar to protect the digger. There were rumours of a rock or two being removed at the front, although nothing was seen by the supporting members of the Team.

Rumours of a draft were not confirmed. However, it appears that the solid calcited rocks near the dig face are not as solid as previously thought.

80 bags of spoil were removed and emptied, with a little difficulty. The team then retired to a local hostelry where light refreshment was taken and the day’s events were discussed with those on the injured list.”