22nd April

With Tav, Brockers, Nick, and Jake

Continuing to explore the potential of the large fossil passage going under Trick or Treat, trending c.NE. Tav was digging, Brockers clearing away the filled bags and rocks, Nick was shuttling the spoil along the NE passage to the pot and hauling it away to Jake on the ledge. The spoil transferred to the next skip to be hauled away by me, at the bottom of the entrance. Here, the filled bags were temporarily stored to be removed later in the session.

From my perspective, a largely uneventful morning there’s not much to look at except for the blue sky on the surface, there were a couple of skip overturns that needed attention, but mostly it was hauling and unloading the skip. There was the first annoying buzz of a bluebottle this year, and a bit of rearrangement of the grotto where odd remnants of stal recovered are placed.

At midday, digging was curtailed, and the filled bags were hauled out of the cave and the contents emptied onto the spoil heap. Tav counted 72 bags, of course there were other bags filled but these remained uncounted. It was as usual a satisfying morning.

Post-digging refreshments were at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn as tradition dictates.