14th and 15th July 2012

Saturday: with Alex.

Went along to the end of the tube to clear some of the debris and to see if I could get a better hand-hold on the offending slab – no chance! Back to Alex who was erecting the tripod and shifted more spoil back to the surface.

Sunday: a solo trip.

In the above image the BDH is about 125mm in diameter and the left side of the slab barring progress is visible – not so clear is the open space beyond.

A better view of the slab with space beyond on either side and where the draught seems to emanate. Slab is about 750mm in width, passage height is around 300mm at this point, the depth of the slab is unclear. The image doesn’t do justice to the colour of dolomitic conglomerate that ranges from red to purple with white, grey, yellow and black pockets throughout – a fascinating rock. The enlargement work continues and soon the slab will succumb and the tantalising space beyond will be revealed – hopefully!

Following some refreshment at my favourite hostelry went back to the Belfry to wash my kit. Met up with Tangent and we walked over to Eastwater Lane where Jodie Lewis and co. from the University of Worcester are carrying out an archaeological investigation of a Bronze Age barrow site. A very interesting and informative discussion with David and later Jodie, will revisit the site to keep up with the progress. Even the weather was reasonably pleasant, a bit on the breezy side but dry.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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