28th July 2012

There is a big pile of debris at the end to shift.

Alex set about removing the block of stal that obstructs the skip haul along the approach to the top of Witches Cauldron, while I set to work dragging spoil back to the base of the pot. I decided to use one of the larger skips so that I could shift more rock which just meant it was harder work. Eventually managed to reach the slab of flowstone obstructing the way ahead and with some barring work was able to get to grips with it. After some grunting and [a lot of] cursing I moved the slab into a position where I was able to batter it with my trusty lump hammer, reducing it in size, and then shift it to one side of the passage. With a bit more digging I was now able to get a better look at the way ahead, which isn’t quite as open as expected or hoped but the prospects still look rosy, just requires some more effort. There is something that appears to look interesting about a metre or so ahead but some sediment will have to be shifted before that will develop. By this time my shoulders were aching from the effort and after 2.5 hours of digging and skip hauling decided it was time for refreshment at the Hunter’s and to the Belfry to wash kit, exited the cave tired but very happy. ‘Toil and Trouble’ would probably be an apt name for the tube.

There is still a big pile of debris at the end to shift!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist