1st August 2012

Solo trip. Continued with the removal of the loose debris and battered the slab of flowstone into more manageable lumps. Thought it would be more efficient while dragging the skip back to push the larger lumps down the passage with my feet, it did cross my mind that if one of the lumps were to become jammed in the passage then I might be in for an interesting few minutes trying to extricate myself – it didn’t happen. Shifted most of the loose stuff back to the base of Witches Cauldron, but there is still a pile of gravel to drag back and then some barring and chisel work to be done. There is a lot of spoil stacked at the base of Witches Cauldron ready to be hauled out back to the surface. At the end of ‘Toil and Trouble’ the way ahead looks very, very interesting, and then, there is always the draught!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist