1st December 2012

With Tav. Had a break from digging last weekend due to some adverse weather and lots of flooding. Alex is feeling crook this weekend so can’t make it, however Tav was up for a digging trip and we met at the Belfry and set off promptly to the farm, changed, and walked up the hill to Hallowe’en Rift.

Made a rather more concerted effort on clearing the considerable pile of debris from the end of Toil and Trouble concentrating on the smaller stuff before battering some of the larger boulders into more manageable sizes. Did some gardening work at the end and was able to get a better look at the next phase of work – what looked good before looks better!

When the available stacking space was filled Tav came along to the end of Toil and Trouble to get a good look at the prospects – I think he was suitably impressed and is up for another digging trip.

On the return to the surface dragged a large boulder all the way out and Tav had been filling bags with some of the smaller spoil which he had dragged to the entrance, these were emptied out onto the surface spoil heap – a job well done.

As is usual ventured to the Hunter’s for refreshment.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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