15th December 2012

With Tav. Alex is still not feeling 100% but should make a comeback soon. Continued with the clearance of spoil from the end of Toil and Trouble, gently teasing some of the larger rocks into submission with a sledgehammer. A couple of the rocks refused to give in and will probably require dragging out to the surface. When the area was cleared of debris it is surprising just how much space we have created, I can easily turnaround at the present end now. Eventually we were able to start gardening at the very end and get a better look at what lies ahead. It seems we are to spoilt by a choice of direction; to the right there is low open space [~0.15m high x ~1.0m wide] with some flowstone and straws, it looks likely that the roof gets a little higher by turning to the left and heading in a more forward direction. Looking to the left and ahead and beyond a temporary constriction the way on here looks rather more tantalising. Tried to remove a large boulder that hindered a better look but it was like a ‘loose tooth’ could wiggle it about but it refused to budge, a different tactic will be employed next session. Decided to call it a day, my light was getting ever dimmer and I couldn’t be bothered to change the battery so we left the cave dragging a number of bags with us to be emptied at the surface. Particularly damp and muddy but satisfied with the morning session we retired to the Hunter’s for the usual refreshment and discussion.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist