29th June 2013

With Tav and Alex, who left his oversuit in the garage so didn’t actually venture underground and went mooching about instead. A warm walk up to the cave in glorious sunshine.

Meanwhile Tav and I continued digging along the left hand side of the T junction. The passage appears to be following a narrow rift, choked with sediment and rocks, still slightly wary of the left bank of very compacted sediment, still going forward though. The draught didn’t feel as strong today but that is probably down to atmospheric conditions. Back at the T junction I am very intrigued by the passage to the right which seems to turn after a few metres and perhaps open up (?). Might need to sort out a mid-week trip and start to develop the passage into something more workable. When we ran out of bags we stopped digging and shifted all the bags out of the cave to empty them on the surface, Alex was there to help out.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist