17th August 2013

Unfortunately I had to work today down in Kimmeridge, Dorset where we are carrying out an archaeological excavation prior to the construction of a new fossil museum and village hall. It is a sort of community project and there are a number of Open Days for both locals and members of the public to have the opportunity to see what is going on and what has been uncovered; also involved is Julian Richards of ‘Meet The Ancestors’ fame who has a long time association with AC Archaeology (my employers).

Digging duties at Hallowe’en Rift were carried out today by Tav and Alex.

The following summary was provided by Tav:

Tav cleared the end with Alex in the they moved all of the debris
plus some floor fill back and stacked it in the pot until the space was
completely filled up. The enlargement process had done a sound job and the way on ahead
and to the left is now much more visible – a clear view into something
bigger which may even be man-sized! The floor fill is easy to dig so it
may be possible to enter without much more enlargement but taking out the
roof does make the whole thing much more accessible. Very strong draught at
the dig face.

Next session should be to clear the pot and continue with the enlargement at the end.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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