22nd September 2013

With Tav and Jake.

Yesterday’s little effort had the desired effect and there was plenty of debris to remove. After clearance was able to get a better look into the open space beyond, still can’t quite see how it might develop but there appears to be about one and a half body lengths of caveable passage. I can just about get to the edge of where the floor dips away beyond the calcite floor next “enlargement” might do it! Jake came along to take a look at the end, commenting on the strength and freshness of the air at the end and was suitably impressed with the prospects. While using the drill I managed to snap the drill bit so had to exit the cave, return to the van and get another drill bit to complete the task. Satisfactory end to the session. I might take advantage of working locally at the Priddy Circles and venture underground for a mid-week trip.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist