28th December 2013

With Tav and Alex.

Ignoring the opening up of the rift to the north of Witches Cauldron [saving this for when we clear out the pot] me and Tav went on to Trick or Treat! where we set to work clearing the spoil stacked there. Cleared the spoil stacked in the 1st little chamber back to Alex in Witches Cauldron before shifting the debris and bags from the next chamber after Tav had a quick look along the inclined bedding. We managed to fill the 1st chamber before starting to haul the spoil back to Witches Cauldron until that was filled. The whip of the hauling rope has a knack of redepositing muddy, gritty water into your face and eyes and then, there is always the itchy nose problem when everything is coated in mud. I then suggested to Tav that we could shift a few of the larger rocks back with us as we crawled along Toil and Trouble. All the puddles of water along the way had by now turned into liquid mud and the return journey is back to its squalid best – don’t you just love it!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist