29th March 2014

With Tav, Jake and Nick.

First task of the session was to replace/sort out the skip hauling ropes, particularly for the Toil and Trouble run that gets a good hammering. Swapped the skip in ‘T&T’ for a newer model and set up a skip run to the dig site, T Junction is more like “Clapham Junction” for skips. That done we set about digging, Tav and me at the dig and T Junction, Nick in the pot and Jake on the shuttle run to the entrance, managed to shift a reasonable quantity of spoil out to the surface although digging was a bit slower at times, claggy material with cobbles and a large boulder impeding progress somewhat. The way ahead appears to be opening out into a wider bedding with open gaps/space over a good deal of sediment – plenty of digging for a while yet!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist