19th April 2014

With Nick, Jake and Tav.

Although we have been experiencing some welcome dry weather it hasn’t dried up in Hallowe’en yet. Nick, Jake and Vince went up to the end and Tav volunteered for pot duties. Vince took the first digging stint, Nick filling bags and Jake in the ‘T’ Junction. Dug a bit out of the floor to maintain the working space; the spoil is a mixture of sediment, very old degraded flowstone and rock, and there is an awful lot of it! There is also a false floor which is being removed as forward progress is made. After a while we swapped around – Nick digging, Jake filling and me in ‘T’ Junction, Tav still in the pot. When there was no space to stack spoil in the pot we moved back to haul everything out to the surface. Another fine session and a lot of spoil shifted. To the Hunter’s, of course!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist