3rd May 2014

With Nick.

Just the two of us this weekend. Started the session by hauling last weeks spoil from the ‘T’ Junction back to the bottom of Witches Cauldron. We then continued the digging effort, the plan was to lower the floor in the rift along the passage going north and quickly decided there was enough room for both of us to dig. Filled bags until we ran out of space around us and then shifted the spoil back to the ‘T’ junction and then resumed digging. Towards the end of the session I was using the bar to prise out some rocks when a small hole appeared. Quickly the hole was enlarged to reveal space below, we can see down c. 2m to another floor(?) and there is solid rock, at least on one side. There is, of course, plenty of spoil to be removed in order to follow the lead but the draught is there again. With a little more digging along the rift it became clear that the space noted last session and that found today are connected. The prospects going downwards are looking good. Hopefully the team will be around next weekend, there is a lot of spoil to shift!

It would appear that the practice of ‘body sliding’, a method adopted by some of the team to rid their oversuits of mud, has been the cause of some amusement. ‘Body sliding’ requires that you slide down the hill in the grass, first on the belly then turning onto your back, the momentum is provided by driving with the legs, and with some flailing of the arms for good measure, the result is a number of brown streaks left on the hillside. There was some disappointment that neither Nick or myself adopted this particular method today.

Anyway off to the Hunter’s for refreshment!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist