21st June 2014

With Alex and Tav.

The advanced technology had the desired effect, as expected, and there was plenty of rubble to be removed. After winding in the wire I set about removing the debris, still required some hammer and bar work to reduce some of the rocks, otherwise it was cobbles and gravel with some loose sediment. Tav suffered for the cause after a confrontation with a boulder actually drew blood, after which we swapped places. When Alex had filled the available space in the pot we all shifted positions to remove the spoil out to the surface. At this time of the year the surface is an unenviable task due to the number of ‘clegs’ and I was more than happy to do my time in the pot, comfortable underground. It is surprising how much spoil we are digging out each session and after clearance we were due refreshments at the Hunters, although a brief visit for Tav who had the ‘in-laws’ visiting and reluctantly made his ‘weary’ way home.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist