13th December 2014

With Jake and Nick.

Glorious morning, bright sunshine and a good frost, a pleasant walk up to the cave from the farm. Nick and I went up to the dig while Jake settled into the pot. Nick did the first digging stint and filled his quota we then swapped places. At the end the walls are pinching in although it seems that there might be a lead continuing under at a height of c.0.5m. It was while investigating the prospects ahead that, rather disconcertingly, a quite large section of the roof decided to come down including a couple of fairly large rocks, at least I now had plenty of loose spoil to bag up. After clearing the loose away it was time to start hauling the spoil out to the surface. It has to be said that after some persistent rain over the last few days Hallowe’en Rift is getting back to its squalid best! Bags emptied it was time to head off to the pub, after some body sliding in the field to remove excess mud from oversuits.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist