28th December 2014

With Nick and Tav.

We decided on a Sunday session this week due to various family type things and all that sort of stuff at this time of the year. On the way in rescued a frog from the puddle at the bottom of Witches Cauldron – it was lucky because I had just chucked a pack of bags down the pot and was moving the rope out of the way when I noticed a pair of eyes and a snout looking back at me. It’s not got any drier along Toil and Trouble – not that we expected any different! There had been some more slumping from the roof including a sizeable boulder, so I proceeded to reduce that into more manageable pieces; nearly all of the rock comprised shattered calcite flowstone of a considerable thickness and with lovely banding and can only assume it is of great age. There must have been a catastrophic event in the past to break up this amount of flowstone. Cleared away the sediment from the floor then swapped around with Nick who spent time consolidating and clearing more from the roof. After this was done it was time to shift the bags out to the surface to be emptied, the rocks were left in the pot for next session when, hopefully, there will be a bigger team. Hunter’s.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist