28th February 2015

With Jake and Tav (Nick’s away for a month), and Alex did his own thing again.

Decided to try all three at the end today; I did the digging, Jake cleared the bags away and sorted out the puddles and cleaned mud off the slope, while Tav stashed the filled bags at the T Junction ready to be hauled out later. We concentrated the digging effort to the north east of the chamber. There is an area where the sediments seemed less compact and is slightly freer from calcification. Some tiny gaps/pockets appeared at roof level, which is encouraging and the roof is rising up as well. Filled 38 bags and we all shifted back to get them out to the surface, where Alex had turned up to help haul out, all the bags were emptied ready for filling next session. Very squalid in the cave today, plenty of mud splash off the haul ropes. Good effort, although we did arrive at the Hunter’s a bit later than usual.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist