21st March 2015

With Jake and Tav.

Jake had managed to acquire some nice, clean and shiny yellow bags, 39 in total, and all ready to go to the end. The dry weather of the last few days over the last few days also meant that the bags on the ‘washing’ line had dried out, these were shaken off and bagged up, later to be stashed in the entrance ready for use when needed.

It was my turn to do the digging while Jake cleared away the bags to Tav who stashed the filled bags at the T Junction. When 30 bags had been filled Jake and Tav began to haul them along to the pot, while I filled another half dozen to make 36 filled bags in total. We all shifted back to get the bags to the bottom of the entrance, then out to the surface to be emptied and hung up to dry out ready for the next session. It was just ever so slightly drier in the cave this week, just need the trees to burst into leaf and suck up some of the moisture in the soil.

Up to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshment and then home to watch the final round of matches in this year’s 6 Nations rugby tournament.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist