2nd May 2015

Still no digging for me but there was a job to do on the surface, I had bought a padlock and chain to replace the the faulty one on the entrance to Hallowe’en Rift. By the time I had sorted out tools and things I was running a little late as I headed over to the farm, as I was passing the Hunter’s I was surprised to see that Jake’s motorcycle was there – I didn’t think anyone was going to dig this weekend. I was even more surprised when I arrived at the farm to see Tangent changed to go underground along with Jake and Nick. Alex had gone walkabout on the hillside with Desmond Donovan. Walked up to the entrance with the team and when they had gone underground I set about removing the old lock and fitting the new one. That done walked over the hill to find Alex, mooched around with them for a while before returning to Hallowe’en Rift where I packed up the dry bags and tidied up around the entrance. I could hear the underground team hauling the day’s spoil out to the entrance and Alex turned up to assist in hauling and emptying the bags, about three dozen and a few rocks. The empty bags hung up to dry. it was time to lock up and head off to the Hunter’s for the usual refreshments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist