16th May 2015

With Jake, Nick and Tangent. Alex came along later to help with the hauling and emptying of bags. Got a message from Tav later to say that he was stuck behind an ambulance and, unfortunately couldn’t make digging.

I did the digging, Nick the clearing, Jake at the T Junction and Tangent in the pot. Felt a bit jaded to start with probably as a result of imbibing too many apple juices at a certain hostelry last evening but got into it soon enough. Not sure about the crack in the floor seems quite narrow, a little more disconcerting is that there appears to be a rift above that has some looser fill and I removed some degraded flowstone from it. This will make forward progress a little more awkward as the rift will need to be cleared as well, maybe it will peter out, we’ll have to see. It was soon time to shift around and haul the bags out to the surface, I thought it was wise to avoid the pot, at least for this week and Nick did that job while I hauled and Tangent shuttled the bags, Jake on the surface with Alex. Bags emptied, cave secured off to the Hunter’s!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist