30th May 2015

With Tav, Jake and Tangent. Alex arrived later to help hauling and emptying of the bags.

Note: Due to G’rumblings regarding deformation of character and his wife’s hysterical laughter everytime he enters the room, there will be no further ‘intentional’ references to A. G’ruffalo, by order!

Talking of the Gruffalo you just have to listen to ‘Cave Baby’ It made me laugh anyway!

Tangent started the session well as he carefully attached his fully charged lamp to his helmet only to find he was illuminating all who followed after him.

Jake and Tangent at the end, Tav at the T Junction, while I settled in the pot. Digging was not easy, this was possibly due to certain team members spending too much time on the beach surfing, and more compacted sediment. As previously stated an obvious way on in this particular spot is not apparent and we might resort to having a go at digging back over the top and opening out to the left (going north) of Witches Cauldron. There is also the short passage and open rift on the left (north) just before T Junction. There are plenty of options to go for. Bags emptied it was time for reflection and discussion at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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