13th June 2015

I was over at Hutton today but the rest of the team continued the good works!

Tav sent the following report of the day’s activities:

“Tav, Nick, Tangent & Jake – joined later by Alex.

The bang had worked well and the team quickly removed the debris,
which was in handily sized chunks. Several more bag loads of mud were
then removed from the bedding beneath the dwindling bridge. One large
lump of spar was beaten repeatedly but stubbornly refused to break and
will need some chemical persuasion to reduce it to manageable lumps.
Once this – and the remains of the bridge – have gone, then the
descending bedding should be wide open for a full scale attack. Tav
crawled up Toil and Trouble to retrieve some tools that were more man
enough for the job. Another good session and by mutual consent a better
looking prospect all round. Then to pub for a mellow session and to have
a laugh about the Belfry Spycam incident.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist