12th December 2015

Alex’s annual festive offering! This image was taken during the week when the team were visiting Wookey Hole with Tom Chapman.

L to R: Nick, Tom, that’s me, Alex (kneeling), Jake, Tav.

Digging this weekend with Jake, Tav and Alex.

My turn to do the digging, Tav clearing from the pot, Jake hauling with Alex helping with the shuttling for a while before heading up to the surface to haul out and empty the bags.

There had been a slump of material from the ‘ceiling’ that took about 20 bags to clear. Fortunately nothing more came down during the session, this was especially good news for Tav as the ‘ceiling’ is also the floor he was standing on in the pot. We cleared a total of 50 bags plus a few rocks out to the surface. At the dig end a couple of boulders are barring progress, these will need better exposure before a decision is made on the best method of removal is decided. There does seem to be a downward trend but more work will be required before this is clear.

Then to the Hunter’s for the usual refreshments.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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