30th January 2016

With Jake and Nick.

Continued with widening the approach into Merlin’s Magic Milk Parlour. My turn upfront digging, Nick doing the clearing, Jake on the haul/shuttle along to the entrance. It wasn’t too long before Nick decided to wrestle one of the large boulders stashed to one side last session along to Jake. The boulder didn’t give up without a fight causing some injury to Jake’s foot by squashing it. Meanwhile I was filling bags with sediment and had freed another large slab of rock for Nick to wrestle with. Back at the entrance Jake was beating the offending rock into submission with the sledge hammer. As I was progressing forward [and sideways] Nick scraped away residual sediment left behind into more bags. This is a very comfortable dig in a sizeable bedding and by concentrating our effort to the right-hand side we can bypass the best of the formations. There is air movement and air space over the top – bloody luxury! Time passed all too quickly and there was a considerable pile of bags and rocks to be hauled out to the surface. How many? no-one was counting this week.

Then we have the added bonus of our luxurious changing facilities, just like a proper caving hut should be!

Hunter’s Lodge Inn, well of course and some rather fine Bath Ales Special Pale Ale.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist