5th March 2016

With Jake, Nick and Tav. A stronger team this week, makes things so much easier.

Me at the digging end, Nick clearing, Jake on the haul/shuttle and Tav on the surface hauling and emptying the bags. 53 bags and 5 skip loads of rock out to the surface. The digging is superb and just beyond the little rift to the right hand side it’s nice and dry. Just ahead there appears to be a change, about a metre further on the roof seems to rise into a rift (?) and beyond that there appears to be more space, unfortunately there is a forest of stal that we will have to try and dig around. The prospects ahead look interesting.

9 people helping out at Wookey Hole on Thursday evening I can’t understand why there isn’t the same enthusiasm for Hallowe’en Rift 🙂

Anyway the sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm, the bags were all empty and there was a rather fine barrel of Bath Ales Special Pale Ale waiting at the Hunters Lodge Inn.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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