19th March 2016

With Jake, Nick and Tav.

Not such a pleasant morning this week as last – grey and quite cool in the north easterly breeze. At least I wasn’t going to be on the surface this session that was Nick’s duty this weekend. Jake was at the sharp end doing the excavation, Tav was clearing back and it was my turn to do the haul and shuttle. Sort of lost count of the number of bags shifted along with several skip loads of rock, but when I went to have a look at the end was very surprised at the amount of forward progress made during the last couple of sessions. About another metre or so should see us level with what appears to be more open space. The digging is a little slower due to the sediment becoming much rockier. Another good session over and time to make our way to the Hunter’s for refreshments. Then home to watch 6 Nations rugby and to see England beat the French to win the Grand Slam – an almost perfect Saturday!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist