2nd April 2016

With Jake, Tav and Nick.

Another delightful spring morning to be on surface duties. While the rest of the team were underground toiling away I whiled away the time packing away the dried bags ready for use at a later date, continued with the drystone wall (started by Nick last session) to tidy the appearance of the spoil heap, interrupted every now and then when required to haul bags and rocks from below. The sun was shining, it was warm in the sunshine and I was slightly overdressed again, the trees are showing the bright green of fresh leaf growth, the birds were in song, it was pleasant indeed.

Meanwhile below ground Tav was doing the digging with Jake clearing away. Nick took the opportunity to go along Toil and Trouble to the dig beyond the T Junction and retrieve the stack of tools left there, some of these tools will be relocated to the dig in Wookey Hole on Thursday evening, while there he untied the haul rope so it could be re-used at the present dig. 40 bags were filled and emptied along with an assortment of rocks including the large boulder left over from last week, Nick came up to the surface to help haul it out, the rocks were all added to the wall. Tav reported that good forward progress had been gained and the passage was of comfortable proportions. All done and dusted it was time to leave and make our way down to the farm.

At the Hunter’s Lodge Inn a fine firkin of Bath Ales SPA had been tapped and we felt obliged to enjoy a few glasses and talk about our various digs in progress at the moment. A satisfying conclusion to a pleasurable morning’s work.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist