12th November 2016

With Nick and Tav.

Me digging, Tav hauling and loading skips, Nick doing the haul and shuttle.

A bit of a slow start while I tried to dig around and pry out the fractured rock in the floor. Tav started to make some adjustments to the haul slope which meant that I had a constant shower of debris which was okay as long as I didn’t look up.

When I eventually coaxed one piece of the fractured rock free the rest came a little more easily and Nick had something to do. It was warm work digging.

Working at loosening the shattered rock and flowstone to the north side of the dig I got the long bar behind a lump and prised it free to reveal a small space beyond. A large lump of rock in the floor needed a reduction in size so got the drill out and capped it. Then after some sledge work and leverage with the long bar it was out, cleared away the remaining debris and opened up the space some more.

I got my head into a narrow opening and could see about 2 or 3 metres to the west and about a metre to the east, there is some air movement, the narrow fissure or rift is partially filled with sediment, the usual reddish brown silty sand. The team came down to take a look.

We cleared some of the loose rock, but there is still more rock to dig out of the floor and it then seems to be sediment to excavate. At the entrance is a pile of rocks and bags that will remain until Tuesday evening, another excuse to go the pub and it was fast approaching that time now.

We made our way down the hill to the farm, then up to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist