14th January 2017

With Matt, Nick, Jake and Tav.

Jake set off for the end to get on with the digging, Tav followed on, stopping at the top of the slope to load the skip and shift the stockpile of bags there. Matt settled down at Stal Bend to haul the loaded skip, while Nick was shuttling bags to the entrance. I was on the surface hauling the bags and rocks out of the cave.

It was a very pleasant morning too, warm in the sunshine and sheltered from the breeze.

At first, there was a rush of bags and rocks, eventually though, the pace slackened and I could empty the bags. Several bags had come to the end of their usefulness and these, were given a fitting burial in the spoil heap.

Jake and Tav had alternated the digging, the result was a spurt of bags and rock towards the end of today’s session. Thankfully, everyone had moved back and there was help on the surface. About 100 loads were brought out of the cave and added to the ever-burgeoning spoil heap.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist