31st January 2017

With Jake.

I couldn’t believe it, stung by a wasp in January. I had decided to retrieve a long unused oversuit from the horsebox. When getting ready to put it on, I noticed a wasp on the cabin floor, then another was seen, and as I slid my arm into the oversuit, a third was located. I didn’t survive after the first sting, some vigorous patting of the arm, followed by a digging trip. As for the oversuit, I won’t be wearing that one again, far too tight, like trying to cave in a strait jacket, restrictive and very uncomfortable.

At the end of Merlin’s Jake and I took it in turns to fill forty or so bags, plus a few rocks. Most of the spoil is at the top of the slope. Jake ended the session by loosening a large boulder into the way forward. This will need capping next session before much progress can be made.

Quite a strong drip in the cave this evening and the puddles were noticeably deeper in places.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist