14th February 2017

My funny Valentine!


A mild evening, with some low cloud, as I walked up to Hallowe’en Rift, I caught sight of a bat in the light from my torch, flying low across the field.

I dragged the bags to the end of Merlin’s, it was damp and muddy along the way, puddles in places. At the end I tidied away some tools, cleaned some mud from the walls, and decided on a strategy.

Six holes [plus an extra one for the trimmings, later] split into two equal groups, on either side of the passage. On the right side, to take off a ‘nose’ of rock and, to the left, to widen the passage, to make forward progress easier. There is an abundance of good tamp available.

It was a tad awkward on the return to the entrance, dragging two bags and laying the wire. No matter, the evening was brought to a satisfactory conclusion. I exited the cave and made my way back to the farm.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist