18th February 2017

With Jonathon, Matt, Nick and Tav.

Jonathon on digging duties, Matt clearing the filled bags and rocks to Nick, pulling the loaded skip up the slope, the bags and rocks then transferred to the next skip down to Tav, on the haul and shuttle. I had been up to the end twice in the week, so I was on the surface today.

I had enough time to continue adding to the retaining wall, we have plenty of rocks for the job. As bags were hauled out of the cave, they were emptied along the back of the wall, the sediment compacted, to act like mortar.

Given time, the wall will naturalise and provide shelter for a variety of small vertebrates and invertebrates.

About 40 loads of bags and rock were removed from the cave, including one of the large rocks left during the week, now reduced in size, although one of the larger lumps needed two of us to haul it out of the entrance shaft.

There are several large rocks at the end that will require ‘capping’, but that is a job for mid-week. Time now, for the pub.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist