25th February 2017

With Jake, Jonathon and Matt.

We took a couple of the replacement drag trays up to the cave with us, and a reel of new polypropylene rope, to replace the trays on the haul routes.

Jake went to the end, with one of the drag trays and the reel of rope; Matt followed, to clear away the rocks and bags, to Jonathon, hauling up the slope and loading the skips to me, on the haul and shuttle. Before the hauling began the trays were replaced.

Then, the rocks from the mid-week ‘capping’ session were cleared and neatly stacked in the entrance. When the rocks had been cleared, Jake started to fill bags, as he was digging, mostly, at floor level and removing the ‘trample’ the sediment was claggy, not going to be easy to empty the bags. About 30 bags were filled, before we decided it was time to clear them out to the surface.

The rocks were left stacked in the entrance. They will be cleared during the week, and there are a couple of boulders at the bottom of the slope that require ‘capping’. A job for Tuesday evening, probably.

It had been another busy morning, with a steady flow of rocks and bags being moved along the cave. It was time for refreshment, well earned.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist