18th March 2017

With Nick, Tav, Jake and Jonathon.

I did the surface duty again, the hauling of bags up the entrance not good for Nick’s back, he did the haul and shuttle instead. Tav was at the top of the slope, Jake at the bottom, leaving Jonathon to get on with the digging bit.

While the underground team got things underway, I packed up the loose bags and added more rock to the wall, increasing the available space for spoil disposal.

The filled bags started to arrive on the surface at a steady pace, with just enough time in-between to empty them, although some of the bags were a little reluctant to disgorge their contents, only two were incorporated into the wall. Fifty-two bags and four rocks, added to the wall, were hauled to surface.

At the end, the anticipated drop down to a lower level doesn’t appear to be happening quite yet, Jon encountered a solid floor initially, but by the end of the session, had just reached a more cobbled, granular fill, so there’s hope yet.

Still plenty to dig out next session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist