1st July 2017

With Jake, Jonathon and Brockers.

Jonathon digging, I was in the Tuck Shop, Brockers at the top of the slope and Jake on the haul and shuttle.

After reeling in the wire, I went to the end to look at the damage, some fly-rock, some gravel and fractured rock, not quite as much as I had expected. Then, moved out of the way so that Jonathon could get to work. It could do with being a bit wider at the end as hammer and chisel work is rather restricted. The outcome, 19 bags and 6 skip-loads of rock were eventually hauled out to the surface.

It could be said that the prospects for following the narrow fissure are not exactly inspiring, some thought is required regarding the next best move. At least two of the possibilities appear to lead in the wrong direction and another northerly lead, again is narrow, hmmm…!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist