16th September 2017

With Jake, Tav, Nick, Matt, Brockers and Jonathon.

A good team today, me and Tav went to the dig-face, Brockers on top of the slope, Jonathon and Nick on the haul and shuttle, Jake and Matt on the surface, hauling-out and wall building.

As expected, there was plenty of debris. I cleared the rocks, gravel and fine sediment from the connection area, passing bags etc. back to Tav. When that was cleared, Tav went down into Tuck Shop to clear debris and break-up some of the rocks there with the sledge. Meanwhile, I set to work with hammer and bar to clean-out the potential way forward. That done, I decided to head down the pot and along Toil and Trouble to try out another voice test to pinpoint the next move, it’s close, I thought I caught the merest glimpse of Tav’s light, but this could not be confirmed. I returned to the dig-face to discuss with Tav where the aural connection was best heard and to formulate a plan for mid-week.

At the end of the session, 85 loads to the surface, just about an equal split between bags and rock. Some more fine dry-stone wall was also created.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist