5th October 2017

With Jake, Jonathon and Nick.

Jake was digging, I was behind, clearing the bag and rock to Jonathon, on the slope, also managed to clear a few loads of rock from the Tuck Shop. Nick was on the haul and shuttle, stacking the spoil at the bottom of the entrance.

Digging, comprises a mixture of fine sandy silt, rocks and lumps of detached calcite flowstone, some of these quite large. Jake pulled-out one slab, to reveal open space beyond, interestingly, to the north/northeast, about 3m, in all. The end of an ice-axe, that had been placed in the furthest reaches, at the end of the ‘Lower’ Series, could be seen clearly, the connection is not too far away. There are gaps all over the place, hours of digging fun for the future. A good session.

The walk down to the farm was illuminated by a fantastic big, bright harvest Moon.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist