12th October 2017

With Jake, Nick, Brockers, Jonathon and Tav.

Brockers at the forefront doing the excavation, Nick clearing away the filled bags and shifting the rocks from Tuck Shop, Tav on the slope unloading the skip and transferring the load to Jake on the haul. Jake was later joined by Jonathon, who was running late, on the shuttle, I was on the surface.

The loaded skips were coming to the surface, at a rate, almost one-a-minute, it was warm and sweaty work, thankfully not plagued by midges. There wasn’t time to add to the wall, but the store of rock now starting to accumulate, means there is a good supply for when the opportunity arises. 71 loads to the surface, 39 bags and 31 loads of rock, I was relieved when it was over, by now, I was thirsty and the back was, just beginning to twinge.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist