26th October 2017

With Brockers, Tav, Duncan and Jake.

There was rock debris. Brockers upfront, digging; I was clearing away; Duncan was at the top of the slope, after he had been on a brief tour around this part of the cave. Tav was doing the haul and shuttle, Jake was carrying-out surface duties. Along the approach passage a few puddles were beginning to form, at least the skip would slide easier.

When the clearing had been done, entry into the open-space was possible. There’s a fissure, c.3 to 4m length trending c.NE, approximately 0.5m high x 0.3m width, it has a silt floor and there is a cool air movement. The up-shot is, as ever, more digging is required, this might, open-up other leads on the north-side.

A total of 33 loads were hauled up to the surface, an almost equal split between rocks and bags.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist