14th December 2017

With Brockers, Jonathon, Tav and Duncan.

Jonathon at the forefront, assisted by Brockers, it was Duncan’s turn on the slippery slope, with Tav on top of the slope, I was ‘Billy No-mates’, on the haul and shuttle.

The drip was strong tonight, each loaded skip arriving on a little bow-wave, attempts to drain the puddles proved futile. The bags of sloppy sediment were stacked in the entrance, this compresses them, it doesn’t improve the task of emptying the bags later. The rocks were stashed to one-side.

Time passes quickly on an evening and soon, we were moving back to clear the entrance of bags. Brockers had, rather cunningly it was suggested, swapped places with Jonathon. This resulted in Brockers getting the easier option of loading the skips to the surface, while Jon got the privilege of emptying the bags he had previously filled.

The final count for the evening, 36 bags to the surface and emptied, the rocks were left underground for another session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist