6th January 2018

With Jonathon, Jake, Nick and Brockers.

Festivities over, things return to normality.

My turn up front, digging; Jonathon, after three days on his sick-bed had wrested himself away to attend, stood in the ‘drippiest’ spot and cleared away the filled bags to Brockers, back on the slippery slope. Brockers, in between bags, ventured down into Tuck Shop to break-up some of the rocks still there. Jake was on top of the slope and Nick on the haul and shuttle, the spoil stashed in the entrance. Nick, also, dug a channel to drain away the puddles along the passage from the entrance.

Some bailing of water was required before the digging effort could commence, this didn’t take too long. Continued to follow the choked rift, as forward progress was made, the sediment remaining overhead became self-digging, largely induced by a strong seepage of water. A bar was utilised to alleviate this occurrence, revealing a narrowing of the rift above, lower down the rift continues, there is a small gap over the top where air movement can be detected, and it’s wide enough to work.

The usual 50 bags took a bit longer to fill than anticipated and the call came that the team were leaving to start emptying the bags, Jonathon and I filled the last couple of bags and joined them. All of us were suitably coated in mud after today’s effort.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist