22nd September 2018

With Pete “Snablet” McNab, Pete Bolt,
Jonathon, Duncan, Nick and Alex

Snablet’s on a week-long visit from New
Zealand, couldn’t let him miss the opportunity for a digging trip.

At the cave, Jonathon, Nick, Duncan and Alex
set-off to the rift in An Unexpected Development to get on with digging. I led
the two Pete’s for a look around the more recent discoveries before joining-up
with the digging team. Snablet got very involved with the digging so we left
him there, Nick had decided to return to the entrance and continue the
enlargement of the passage leading to the west series. Pete Bolt and myself
headed towards Trick or Treat, the duck is still dry, we returned along Toil
and Trouble to join up with Nick and start clearing the backlog of spoil at the
entrance, Pete loading the skip, I went to the surface to haul out. It was
raining. By the end of the session, there is plenty of material for wall

After a brief stop at the Hunter’s for some refreshment,
several of us, Snablet, Pete Bolt and myself, we also persuaded Tangent to join
us, headed down to Churchill to attend the BCRA Hidden Earth conference. A
really, pleasant social afternoon/evening chatting to old chums.

Below surveys drawn by Duncan.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist