31st August 2019

Vince, Jake, Nick and Jon.

A smaller team today, numbers depleted by a journey to the ‘real’ Cold Gnarly North, a wedding and the pull of a disco beat. Never mind, four was still an okay number.

Nick forged ahead followed by Jake, Jon next in line directing skip movements, I was in the relatively dry ‘lake’ chamber where the spoil, in the form of filled bags and loose rocks, was temporarily stored.

Digging continued at a steady pace until 12:15 when we decided that it was time to clear out the spoil from the cave, a task that was to require a couple of stages, the spoil temporarily re-located to the bottom of the entrance before its final destination was attained. A total of 33 bags and 6 very full skip loads of rocks out to the surface.

At the end of this morning’s session some discussion about the re-construction of the fallen wall included an ambitious expansion plan, we do have plenty of stones and there will be more.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist